I would do anything… but I don’t do that

smileyI was recently contacted by a head hunter for an exciting opportunity working for ‘the worlds largest employer’. Wowser.. sooooo exciting! The job description was completely aligned with my skills and experience, the level was a jump from my current position (yay, more pay) and damn.. how fun to work for a really huge company

Then I realized who that was…(clue:rhymes with ‘ballpart’).

Now putting aside their history of poor treatment for part-time (‘zero hours’) employees, utilization of Chinese sweat shops, manipulation of suppliers and contributing to the death of the small town ‘down town’ local retailer, I did have to think of reasons why I might have to pass up this fabulous opportunity. After all,

I’ve never been one to shy from a challenge, but I have to admit that this one has me taking a rather large step back. After all, I would do anything for a challenge…. but ‘ballpart’… nope, even I won’t do that.

One thought on “I would do anything… but I don’t do that”

  1. Yeah, I would not want to work there either! Just going in there to shop gives me a headache? Have you ever compared them to Target? In “Ballpart” every shopping cart is loud and screechy, half the products have been yanked haphazardly from the shelves, many of the boxes look like someone kicked them down the stairs and then used shipping tape to stick them back together, wild little children running around screaming… Then you go to Target, and you feel like you’re a really high-class person with your quiet shopping cart!


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