Fun date activites you might not have tried

life supportFun date activities you might not have tried

A bit bored of the usual ‘dinner and movie’. The thought of ‘a nice walk’ got you yawning? Do I have a ‘fun’ date activity for you?

Yes. Its time to write that living will.

I’m serious.

You’ll never feel more alive than when figuring out when to turn off the beeping machines keeping you alive, what to do with your remains and what song will be playing as they lower your body into the ground. It makes for a remarkable afternoon, not to mention a great date discussion.

Who wants to be making mad passionate love to each other when you could be discussing whether you want to be kept alive but brain dead  and whether you want 1, 2 or 3 resuscitation attempts made when your ticker stops. Do you want to be fed through a tube when you can’t swallow or just naturally starved to death? See.. aren’t you really starting to appreciate your day???

Plus your date’s responses really give you an indication of his true nature.  The man who wants to live no matter how many machines, how much medical care and whether he’s got a single brain cell left… classic Peter Pan narcissist. The dude who says ‘put a pillow over my face if I’m mentally done’… my kind of guy. If he wants to pull the plug on you as soon as your arms and legs stop working.. hmm.. we might have a problem.

Seriously, its a discussion which really reveals who that person really is. And as dark as it seems, its profoundly illuminating. I for one, want to know that he’s not out to harvest my organs as soon as I’m asleep.  Nor do I want to know that some dude is Terry Schivo’ing my ass for 20 years from some weird creepy loyalty and ‘love’. Hella no.

And then once its all over – machines are silenced, the last tattered sigh released – there’s a whole other discussion. Do you want to be fried to a crisp or sealed in a box? Believe me, the romantic possibilities you can discover when sharing which mountain you want your ashes thrown off and who you want doing the throwing (note, asthmatics and girls are off the list)… why its positively heartwarming.

Don’t get me started on memorial service soundtracks! I’d never even thought about this until I looked at the form and realized, holy shit.. if I don’t write this down, I could be buried to my mother’s choice of music, most likely one of the Three Tenors or my sister’s idea – something jaunty from Kylie Minogue. God help me. This… this I need to get in writing. I am not being buried to Michael Buble.

Plus you can discover all manner of shared affections with your date (James Taylor, Iron and Wine) and questionable taste (Mastodon?), strange predilections and silly humor (the theme from Shaft? really?). And I know one thing, I certainly don’t want those decisions left to chance, and while I have a girlfriend with excellent music taste, I think its one mix tape she probably doesn’t want to make.

So there you have it. If August is making you blue and you’re sorta bummed out with the constant sunshine and warmth, consider an afternoon perusing a living will. It sure puts things into perspective and man.. you’ll learn a lot about your date.

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