July Stay-cation: Not so relaxing…

 July Stay-cation – not as relaxing as you’d think.

I pride myself on my ability to ‘get shit done’ and while I love nothing more than sleeping through ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Movie’ (current tally = 11), I do tend to find my free time a little .. well… over scheduled. No I don’t have kids, I’m not particularly extroverted and I live in a 800 sq ft rental apartment that needs exactly zero maintenance. So why did I find myself in bed last night at 7pm due to complete exhaustion?

One word: stay-cation.

You see when I actually take a vacation away from my home, I pack a tent, or an overnight bag and I forget about everything. I go with the flow. I sit and read books, I ramble around cities and I leisurely laze in bed for hours (especially if there’s a naked hot guy to entertain me). I have spent a whole week sleeping on a beach (alternating with some snorkeling), and was happy to spent Christmas at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with little more than a tent, a book and a flask of tequila. (I think there was food, but I don’t remember).

But if I stay home… suddenly I turn into my mother. My to do list is longer than any Target receipt.

I start with an empty slate but within days I am snowed under with stuff I’ve committed to, places I said I’d be and things I actually want to try and squeeze in but which will probably drop by the way side because I’m too tired. Stay cations wind up exhausting me not because I’m standing in line at Home Depot or shepherding kids to events, but because my brain says ‘pack in the fun’ with complete disregard for hours in the day. I’m so eager to wring all of the ‘fun’ out of the time that I wind up hungry, tired and pissy..kind of similar to a bad day at work.

Take this week. I had nothing planned. 2 days later, here is my list of ‘fun stuff I want to do on staycation’. NOTE – my stay-cation is 1 week.

1. Ride my motorcycle to Santa Fe. 
I really want to explore Colorado on my bike and now that I can reach all my pedals, I actually can ride with some level of confidence (no I’m not pulling wheelies down I25, but I can get to 70mph without peeing myself). I want to ride the backroads through southern Colorado into New Mexico. Stop at random places, eat tacos on the side of the road and finally experience the freedom of not having a plan. Estimated time ~2 days

2. Ride my bike (bicycle) up to Ward, Colorado. 
The ride to Ward from Boulder is a known kicker of ass. Its long enough to wipe out this weekend warrior but its doable, if not a lung buster. I used to ride this when I lived in Boulder and I want to see whether any of this crossfit is paying off.   Plus the Boulder cyclists are hotttttttt. So the scenery is quite quite beautiful.. oh the canyons are pretty too. Estimated time ~4 hours

3. Watch ‘Dog Day Afternoon’
I’ve started this movie more times than I can count but I’ve always got distracted. Something about 70’s movies which they don’t remind you. They’re infinitely better quality, they kick ass, the writing is amazing and the outcome is always one where you felt ‘BOY that was a great movie’. But wow.. does it take a while for the story to get going. Like The Godfather, you really do need to glue your ass to the sofa for 2-3 hours to watch and appreciate this. Plus you need to be in the mood for a lot of beige polyester and tan suede. Estimated time ~3 hours

4. Laze by the pool and listen to the new National album while reading of the many many books I’ve downloaded
My apartment complex has a great pool and during the week its empty. Primo time for some tanning and pretending that I’m in Hawaii.  I have a ton of new music to listen to, including the new National album which I need to commit to heart before their show in 8 weeks and oooo 67 million books I want to read. In fact, I could spend the week doing this if I didn’t have so much else I want to do.
Estimated time I will allow myself ~4 hours

5.  Errands
My scooter needs new plates, my car needs new plates and an oil change, my Colorado Parks pass needs renewing and yes, I’m due for a dental check up. I really really don’t want to spend my precious vacation running errands but I need to get this shit done some time. Fuck it.. they can wait. Estimated time ~0

6. Cross Fit
This was the week I was going to try and get 5 Cross Fit workouts in. Since I’m on vacation I figured I could take some afternoon naps and have time for some yoga to lessen the inevitable pain. Unfortunately a cross fit workout pretty much erodes all other athletic endeavors for the day so it somewhat puts the kibosh on some of the hikes, rides and backpacking I could otherwise schedule… but hey, I’d rather do it this week and deal with walking like a crab while I don’t have to report to the office. Estimated time ~5 hours.. Estimated recovery time ~1 week

7. Yoga
Yoga is my thing. It keeps me sane and bendy, plus I seem more able to deal with shit when I’ve spent some time on my mat. With all the cross fit its essential (or I’d be walking around bent double), and basically, I like chatting with my girls. But… it takes time and its not something you can rush into and out of… (that kind of defeats the whole ‘chill’ part of yoga. Still I’m sure I can fit in two classes this week. Estimated time ~3 hours.

8. Take the dog swimming. 
My dog is getting too old and his back too stiff for much hiking so these hot summer days I take him to the local state park for some serious swimming and ball retrieval. He’s an awesome swimmer and it conks him out for the rest of the day, plus I like seeing him have fun. Even though the drive is 45 minutes each way, its worth it. Estimated time ~3 hours.

Ok… so I’m only half way through my list and I’m already 4 days down.. (allowing for eating and sleeping)…

9. Go on a date
I’ve got a few guys who I’m sort of, slightly interested in meeting…not critical that I meet any of them this week and frankly, if I’ve been cross-fitting, I’ll probably be unconscious by 8pm most nights. Still I’m sure I can fit in a cocktail with one of them. Estimated time ~2 hours. 1 hour if he’s a dunce.

10. Watch the Tour De France. 
Oh shit. Game over. The Tour started on Saturday and I’m already 3 stages behind as of today. I’m a manic watcher and I have to watch the full Phil and Bob coverage every stage. Which is at least 3-4 hours every day.. and then there’s recaps, reruns and online stage reviews. Actually scratch everything 1-9 and everything else can fit around this. Estimated time ~4 hours per day, every day.

So there you have it. My list of stay-cation priorities. I also want to paint the bathroom, deep clean the floor, wash my scooter, air out my tent (and go camping if Colorado wasn’t on fire everywhere), buy some cute sundresses, spend an afternoon drinking on a patio, hang out with friends, hit the gun range, BBQ and take a nap on my sofa….

I think I’d have been better off going to Kauai after all. This stay-cation shit’s tiring…

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