Casanova was renowned as a lover, a mass woo-er of women and historical whore monger.

Fact: Casanova slept with 116 women over 40 years.

Hmmm. Even doing the math in my brain, that’s actually not a horrific as you’d think. Basically that’s less than 3 new women bedded every year for 40 years. Which by my reckoning is roughly your average dater having an average year.


If I’m single until I’m 65, this means I’ll have been single (and active) for 40 years. And I’m now 41, which means I’ve got 24 years to go. Which means – even if I have a dry year, maybe date one or two guys – whooooaaaa. Slutty McSlut Slut. I need to warn some friends of mine and reconsider my use of the term Casanova. Suddenly not quite so daunting.. actually just an active dater really.

Now thinking about being single for another 24 years.. maybe I need to consider a lifetime membership or reconsider my view of the convent. Maybe Julie Andrews was onto something. She always looked happy and not the least bit Casanova-esque.  

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