Can a boomerang ever stop turning?

I’ve talked about the boomerangs before. The people who never quite land, but keep on coming back over months or even years. Most of mine are on an annual trajectory but few land, and if they do, they really just skim the grass then are off leaving a vague outline in the dust.
One of my boomerangs recent skimmed by and it got me thinking – theoretically – can a boomerang ever really land?

A boomerang is basically someone who only contacts you as a ‘back of the cupboard’ flirt or a ‘god I’m horny’ late evening text every so often. You never date.. there’s just random texts or messages, and maybe, just maybe a one time hookup. Why ‘boomerang’? Because it keeps happening and the pattern is always the same. It just disappears for a while in between orbits. The nature of the boomerang is that it leaves as quickly as it arrived. So why try to catch the boomerang? Its against its nature.

The discussion I’ve had with my friend largely comes down to this; if the person really was interested in you, if there was any potential they’d stick around. Which they never do. Ergo.. its not worth thinking about. If a boomerang flies past and there’s nothing else going on.. awesome. If you’re busy, put your head down and move on.

But what if that boomerang changes shape? Feels different? What if the reason for the boomerang was just bad timing? And now the time is different, ergo, its not a boomerang any more.

This is where my friends tell me I’m high and roll their eyes.

There is a boomerang in orbit lately that seems to shape shift, offers new insights and lowers a few barriers every time he orbits. I am tempted to think that something has changed – me or him – but he still remains stubbornly a boomerang. And I’m still surprised. Its going on 3 years and I’m still surprised that nothing changes. He crosses my path at high speed and like a dog, my ears prick up and I chase what I think is a stick. My brain takes temporary leave of my head and I think – like a dog – this time I might get that stick. But its a boomerang. It doesn’t land and it just circles around my head, making me crazy.

He’ll never change. And despite my awareness of the fact, I keep thinking this time it will be different. This time it will be real. This time. It. might.


So next time, because there will be a next time,  I’m stamping ‘boomerang’ on his ass on his way out the door. Then I’ll have a permanent reminder of what I’m dealing with if my brain gets addled during the next orbit. Because a boomerang is a boomerang for a reason. You or him, there’s a reason it doesn’t work. And trying to figure out why is just a waste of time and heart ache. And at this age, I really should be smarter than my dog.

From here on out, I’m only interested in sticks. They don’t come back and they tend to go in straight line. A little more boring, but a lot more predictable.  And every dog loves to chase a stick.

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