Sucking sound…

Once again, after a restless, excitable Saturday night, my morning of ‘wardrobe planning’ is interrupted by the cancellation of yet another date. Wonderful. Not only a cancellation, but a postponement to next Sunday evening. Claimant is ‘sick’ and planning on getting better by Thursday – yet deems to ask me out on Sunday evening. Sunday evening. The official cemetery for 2nd dates. The evening reserved for feeling depressed about work, getting to bed early, not drinking and definitely not meeting up for hot craziness. Another one bites the dust.  Sadly I’d rather watch Downton Abbey than listen to yet another divorced dude tell me how awesome his kids are. Plus who knows when they’re getting better down to the day? Hmmm.

Yikes. I think I’m officially over dating..

What on earth will I write about? Suggestions on a postcard please.

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