When I am American

After 15 years of alien-ness, I’ve decide to abandon the proper use of the letter ‘t’, learn to like grits and join the mother ship. Yes, I’m becoming an American.

I moved to the US from the UK, full of self righteous superiority and plummy vowels, determined to show the Yanks a thing or too at work while surreptitiously looking for some yummy Springsteen ass (only made in America, I assure you). No surprise that the wind was knocked out of me on my arrival. Gone were the grey faces, sour dispositions and cynical sarcasm that I knew as mothers milk. The people I ,met were were positive, friendly (if a little resistant to my English wit) and welcoming. America was the hug I’d been wanting since childhood and I wasn’t leaving.  

Armed with a green card I’ve been happy to remain an alien. I still cling to the correct pronunciation of tom-ah-to, celebrate Guy Fawkes day and get my Marks and Sparks Christmas Fruit cake sent stateside every year.  I drink tea not coffee and think that your bacon is a travesty, but I love this country. When I think about where I’ll end my days, the thought of drizzly old England leaves me cold. Give me the mountains, the blue sky and people who say ‘ma’am’.

As a new American I might not be able to run for President (I’ve already got enough grey hair thankyou) but I will participate in the democratic process. Its the main reason I’m adopting this country (that and replacing ‘God Save the Queen’ as my national anthem should I ever win that 100m gold medal).
As I swear my allegiance to the flag and offer up my assistance to defend the country (I’ve already got the gun and I can probably learn to chew tobacco), well, I’ll be thinking about the possibilities and the future. Not just my own, but what I can help influence for other women.  Not being able to vote has been the thorn that drove me to finally call myself an American and all that goes along with that, good and bad. I will fight the inevitable American fattening up process and you have permission to kill me if I ever watch an episode of anything starring Aston Kutcher, but along with crap comes the ability to stand up and vote for what I believe it, and lend a hand in 2016 should Hilary choose to do whats right.
And that’s what I’ll be thinking about tonight as I sit down with my flash cards and  Schoolhouse Rock. Plus did you know, Washington had wooden teeth???
How cool is that????

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