Moving into 40-ish

 Well its my last day as 40, and as of 5.30pm tonight I move into the land of 40-ish.
Staying with friends over the holiday I was asked ‘what does it feel like to be 40?’ by a 7 year old who was awed that I could still walk unaided and snowboard ‘not as slow as I thought’.
I didn’t have to think-  ‘exactly the same as 7’.

Sure I might have better stories (most of which I definitely can’t share with her), and today I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a baseball bat (damn hardpack), but basically.. still feel 7. Still wake up most every day excited, still get a fit of the giggles at totally the wrong time, still find boys unfathomable and still love to do a handstand (current record, 1 min). Still can’t spell (amazing, given my job), still can’t understand why candy isn’t a food group and still love to ride my bike too fast down a hill. Still embarrass myself regularly by saying the wrong thing and still hoping that at some point I’ll work out how to do the adult thing that everyone else seems to find so natural (or maybe they’re just faking it too?). At 7 I was a worrier.. still am today. At 7 I wanted to run away from home quite regularly.. today I still get the urge to pack up and run, (instead I move house every year or two). At 7, friends counted for everything, and today even more so. How we entertain ourselves might be different (and involve a lot more alcohol), but we’re still basically cracking each other up and comparing shoes. At 7 I dreamt that I would accomplish things (writer, tennis player and all round superstar), today.. well I just am happy to enjoy my job and one day maybe I’ll write something that some people will read.

Hopefully this year will be less heartbreaking, more fun and I won’t spend half as much time at Home Depot. Maybe I’ll get down into a full split, ride my motorcycle across the state and learn to surf. Maybe boys will be less confusing… but then what would I write about????
Here’s to 40-ish.

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