Movember hotness

Movember is upon us and anything that gets guys – willingly- to a doctor is a good thing. Movember raises awareness for prostate cancer, and mens health in general as guys grow mustaches through the month. Here’s my secret admission of shame.
I suddenly discovered that I kind of like them.
What used to be frighteningly creepy and downright disgusting is starting to look kind of sexy. In a retro 70s, hip hugging, cocky strut type of way.
So while I join in with my coworkers, mocking the latest version of ‘neighborhood pedophile’ from the guy across the office, I find myself having to look away from his face. What was once a lily white pubescent grin  is suddenly dangerous, wild, confident and unbelievably sexy. He looks so damn confident and sure of himself. Its unbelievably weird, and I secretly think I’m not alone.

(no, this is not my coworker… I wish)

After a lot of self analysis and questioning – REALLY?- I discovered its not the ‘stach’ that I love. Its the confidence I see in the guys who are sporting it. They know its ridiculous. They know they’re creepy and weird looking.. and because everyone is doing it, they know its ok, manly even. Rocking the ‘stach seems to imbue them with a self confidence that few display the other 364 days of the year, and despite shouts of horror from men and women alike, those who adopt the Movember mustache, really revel in their repellant facial hair. And gain a fan from this corner. Rock that ‘stache’  bad boy. Swivel those hips. Take me for a ride.
Beards however, still creep me out.

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